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The Healthy Back Exercise Program

Developed by Dance/Movement Therapist Anne Olin and currently conducted in Woodstock, NY, this is a unique therapeutic exercise program. It is designed to overcome the most common causes of back pain - inflexibility and weak muscles. It is not only therapeutic, but educational and preventative as well. This effective system utilizes movements specifically prescribed for each individual ‘s problem areas. When executed in a gentle and correct manner, these exercises steadily strengthen back and core muscles; they also increase overall flexibility and ease and efficiency of movement.

Posture, alignment, relaxation and correct techniques for performing daily activities are included in the classes. The influence of stress on back pain is addressed. The program becomes progressively more challenging as one builds strength. Although the spine and its supporting structures are given primary focus, the entire body is involved throughout the class.

Prior to beginning classes, participants are encouraged to make an appointment for an initial evaluation to identify problem areas and needs. The program consists of a series of ten weekly classes which begin with a warm-up and end with cool-down time. Classes are small and participants receive individual attention. Daily exercise is recommended to supplement the program. For maximum benefit, private sessions are available.


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