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Anne Olin, M.Ed., BC-DMT, NCC, LCAT
Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

"With keen understanding of the needs of people with Parkinson’s Disease, Anne Olin captures the bonuses of Movement Therapy. She makes the group experience of stretching exercises set to music fun as well as therapeutic."
Jacquelyn Efram, LMSW
Facilitator, PD Support Group, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Anne Olin creates a truly unique program set to music. She uses her many skills and years of experience as a Dance/Movement Therapist."

"Each session starts out with participants seated in a circle. Anne shares her knowledge of all the latest happenings in the Parkinson’s community, and she creates a friendly, relaxing, supportive and non-threatening environment for all."

"We then go through a series of movements that work all the major muscle groups which help the Parkinson participants maintain mobility. Parkinson’s difficulties such as standing up, sitting down, balancing, walking, speaking and using facial muscles are addressed."

"My husband Ed was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about five years ago. He sometimes has stiffness and pain in his joints. When he does Anne’s movements in the class or on his own at home, he feels improvement."

"I enjoy the class with him because of the camaraderie and relaxation, and I especially like the series of neck exercises which help me as well. In summary, the classes are informative, fun and helpful."
Katy M.
Class member and wife of a person with PD

"Anne’s knowledge of dance and Parkinson’s Disease and love of her work make her movement classes for persons with PD, just what they should be: useful, enjoyable and plain old fashioned fun!"
Olie Westheimer
President of the Brooklyn Parkinson Group, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

 "It is a pleasure and a privilege to endorse Anne Olin. Her Parkinson’s exercise program is an exceptional service to our community. Most communities are not fortunate to have someone like Anne provide such a wonderful venue for people with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Her classes are expertly geared to the specific needs of those with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders."

"Several of my patients attend her program and are uplifted not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. They all love Anne and have bonded with one another, forming a de facto support group of positive minded men and women taking charge of their condition."
Fabio Danisi, MD
Board-Certified Neurologist
Fellowship-trained Movement Disorders specialist
Kingston Neurological Associates, Kingston, NY




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